BNA - Projecto Brandimage

BNA – Banco Nacional de Angola

BNA assumes an educational role, oriented towards all the population, and also a jurisdiction role through all banking activity in Angola.

Grupo LM

Their holding LMsa supports the companies LMsa, LMge, LMit and LMgs. The brands were created according to the company’s areas of expertise, being the first the market leader in building engineering area, and the second rise from the autonomous department for building maintenance management named LMsa.


Brandimage choose the cork tree as the brand’s symbol, since it is the icon of the region. Considering its astonishing presence and longevity, the cork tree could also be integrated in the heritage promoted by Imaterial.


Hidromethos is a reference company in the market of pumping mechanisms to transport delicate and hard fluids.

Ao Pé das Letras logo

Ao pé das Letras

Assuming that the books’ place is not in the shelves, “Ao Pé das Letras” is a project that endeavors a library and a leisure room, where one can read while enjoying a coffee.

Fazenda Macalé

Casa Agrícola Costa Xavier produces 40 thousand liters of wine annually, which they sell with the brands João Xavier, Costa Xavier and Fazenda Macalé. With a 50 years old tradition producing wine, the company is currently developing a project to implement: producing wine in a biological vineyard.


At the bottom of this challenge, there was the creation of a communication system capable of enhancing the credibility of this national brand, and position it at the level of its international competition.

Fundação João Gonçalves Júnior

João Gonçalves Júnior Foundation (FJFJ) is a Social Solidarity Institution. The organizations’ work is divided between support actions to children in need and preservation of local memory and culture, related to crafted saline culture.

Valor Solutions

Valor Solutions is a young company for capital management, affiliated with BSG and Madeira Fidúcia. The company’s headquarters are located in Funchal, Madeira Islands, and its main activity focus is boosting Madeira’s free zone.

Trafigura Mining Group

Although Mining Group should be identified with Trafigura, the brand should also allow the characterization of the several entities already implemented in different countries. Mining Group is an autonomous organization, responsible for supervising the mineral exploration assets from Trafigura.


The strategy adopted aimed to brand Intergraph as the reference company in global solutions for geospatial information, synthesizing its mission “To help its customers to see the world in a clearer way”, through the image of an eagle flying, marking the similarity with Intergraph’s special capacity for telescopic vision.

Merck MSD - Projecto Brandimage

MSD – Merck Sharp & Dohme

MSD is a reference in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the market leader in Portugal. Concerning social responsibility activities, it was developed in the Portuguese market a brand aimed to promote good practices regarding life habits for diabetes patients.

Indian Rose

Indian Rose presents a different project within events planning market, promoting esotericism as the main theme. The company’s communication system was based on the relational level. The main assumptions for Indian Rose’s image were interpersonal contact and experience share, fundamental premises for a regular communication strategy with the customers.


Although performing on the new technologies field of expertise, GesSystem intended to outrun the excessive association to technology, instead valuing their strong human capital.

DT Group

DT Group is a highly recognized international holding, acting in the oil industry in Angola, with Sonangol and Trafigura’s capital participation. The company also manages capital from several other companies.

FLV – Arquitectos

Atelier FLV is since 1997 drawing a path in the Portuguese architectural panorama, counting with projects developed in Portugal, Macau, Cape Verde and Angola. The identity project developed relied on the architectonic language from FLV, after all, that is their competitive advantage.

estratégia de marca citius


Citius is a platform for management of information flow, regarding the judicial processes. It is a complex yet indispensable communication system, in order to allow the processes flow of communication throughout the interested parties.


Active Brands is a reference company for wine and spiritual drinks distribution in Portugal. This project’s graphic approach used as the global concept the emotions related to alcoholic drinks consumption – “To drink with pleasure!”


Union generates strength, power and value.
SNEBA, The Union Value.
SNEBA, Angola’s Union of Bank Employees.

AEMR - Brandimage


AEMR is the main mining resources exploration company in Angola, participated by DT Group and Ferrangol. It is a young and promising company. The organization’s main targets are its investors and its clients, meaning all steel industry. This objectives intersection determines the main DNA values of the Brand: credibility and reliability, mining exploration, masculinity, warm colors (representing Africa).


Moviflor was the largest Portuguese chain of stores selling furniture and decoration products.The company implemented the first online furniture store in Portugal, aiming to improve and raise the performance of its online presence.


GRAZA brand results from the fusion of two shoe ware brands – Graça (with regional routes) and Versus (with urban routes) – both presenting problems with absence of identity and communication planning.


MCC is a leader company in Madeira Islands market, considering the supply of IT products and services market, and also in assisted implementation of technological solutions regarding IT management.


Sulog is a professional training center highly recognized in Madeira Islands. Their most renowned area is new technologies. Their communication problems were mainly the absence of brand awareness, along with their need to attract more trainees in middle management and freelancer professionals.